The most eye catching signage systems available are without doubt those that incorporate lighting. These days this can be achieved in many ways to striking effect.

Example of our illuminated signage


Direct neon or halo illumination is strikingly effective. The manufacturing process needs to be precise and must relate to other elements in a design. Total control of our neon manufacture guarantees we are able to meet tight deadlines and maintain a reputation for quality installations on schedule.

Traditional Lighting

In this conservation age PJ Signs can supply subtle lighting to conform within the tight constraints of local authority planning laws, (using Swan Neck lighting or Trough lighting) which will compliment and reinforce the surroundings.


The way forward. Cost effective, environmentally friendly illumination – an alternative to neon. Even the smallest text can be illuminated.

Example of our illuminated signage

Total satisfaction

PJ Signs manufacture from the highest quality material available. Despite this, the very nature of exterior or illuminated signage systems means that they are open to the effects of fatigue and environmental conditions. As part of our service, our experienced service engineers are on hand to ensure to total satisfaction for the lifetime of the product.

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Example of our illuminated signage